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"Sean is one of those rare entrepreneurial spirits that combines refined and diverse musical ability with unerring business acumen. It is clear that his heart is focused on bettering the communities in which he lives – the evidence of which abounds in northern Arizona's and Oregon’s cultural landscapes.”

- - Harold Leighton Weller

Founding Music Director, Las Vegas Philharmonic

"Sean Paul Mills is a fine conductor, augmented by an incredible wit and sense of humor . . . a winning combination!"

- - Lea Parnas

Manager, Parnas Duo

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"Sean is a conductor whose artistic bond to the music is clearly delivered to both the orchestra and the soloist. His concise, articulate beat and his remarkable delivery of expression made playing a concerto a delightful experience for the orchestra, the audience, and for me as a soloist!"

- - Horatio Edens

Cello Soloist

 “Sean Paul Mills is not a tepid conductor. Animated on the stand, he exudes enthusiasm and he smiles. He’s a guy who obviously loves what he’s doing. Mills brought out the best in the 70-member Willamette Valley Symphony during its "Made in America" concert . . . The conductor and orchestra provided 90 minutes of sunshine on an otherwise dark and rainy Oregon day.”


- - Graham Kislingbury

Albany Democrat-Herald & Corvallis Gazette Times

"I have been in several orchestras and chamber groups through well over 50 years, but I am aware that as a conductor and fellow musician, Sean Paul Mills has a special "something" that I really appreciate. The subtle way he gets the sections of the orchestra to listen to each other is a phenomenal tool he uses by having short sectional rehearsals so that we can hear what is important to bring out. It really helps us understand the music. Sean's use and appreciation of humor makes us want to play better and to please him. We have fun while we work hard. . .


Sean actually plays us like an organist with a 5-manual instrument, and it keeps getting better and better. The Willamette Valley Symphony is better for his instruction, and I don't know that he can be appreciated enough by the community.  Sean's pre-concert talks are inspiring and bring the attendees (and the orchestra) to understand what was going on historically, and who the contemporaries of the various composers were. This really brings life and interest to the pieces.


Sean's hard work and dedication to have classical music be a part of folks' lives is inspiring. He displays unflagging enthusiasm and love of music. During these unsettled times, it's so VERY important to share music. Musicians love to play, and audiences love to listen. Sean provides the way for both to happen."

- - Donna Stevenson

Violist, Willamette Valley Symphony

Michael Tilson Thomas & Sean Paul Mills 12-01-2023
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