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Sean Paul Mills

Sean Paul Mills

Orchestral Conductor


"We both lead and follow the collective will of the group.
Ultimately, with the collaboration of many,
we conduct a piece of music ..."
                                                                              - John Mauceri
                                                       "Maestros and Their Music"

"Music is so naturally united with us that we cannot be free from it even if we so desired."

         - Anicius Manlius Severinus Boëthius

"De Institutione Musica"

"At the end of life, what really matters is not what we bought but what we built, not what we got but what we shared, not our competence but our character, and not our success, but our significance.

Live a life that matters.

Live a life of love."

- Author unknown

“Classical music is an unbroken, living tradition that goes back over 1,000 years,

and every one of those years has had something unique and powerful to say to us about what it's like to be alive.”

- Michael Tilson Thomas

"Earlier on we know what we would like from our colleagues. But I think what's equally important is what they expect and need from us: Being there with them, being there for them."

- Semyon Bychkov

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